1937 Adler Junior Trumpf 1000cc

1937 Adler Junior Trumpf 1000cc - SA CLassic

1937 Adler Junior Trumpf

Adler – Heinrich Keyer decided to import bicycles from America in 1880 and

then set up his own factory in Germany. It was a very successful venture with

sales of 100’000 Adler bicycles by 1898. This was followed by a motorcar with

a one cylinder De Dion engine in 1900.

From 1904 Adler fitted their own two and four cylinder engines. Production

was later expanded from the small cars to also include luxury cars with up to

7.5L engines with up to eight different models. What also contributed to their

popularity is that Kaiser Wilhelm ll was regularly seen driving an Adler.

In 1932 Gustav Röhr joined Adler as chief engineer. Röhr who had a very

good reputation, proceeded to design the very successful Trumpf, which had

many advanced features, such as front wheel drive, independent suspension

and adjustable shocks. Initially powered by a 1.5L four cylinder engine,

which was later increased to 1.7L.

The Adler Trumpf was also used as a successful racing car and managed to

do very well in the 24 hour Le Mans race. During the late thirties some

102’000 cars were built in Frankfurt. The production of Adler cars stopped

with the second World War. Adler Cars are very rare in South Africa.


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