Messerschmit Cabriolet 1955

Messerschmitt Cabriolet

Messerschmitt – Micro Cars 

Messerschmitt – Willy Messerschmitt was a well known aircraft manufacturer
who was forced to find other products to manufacture after the second World
War. Messerschmitt started to manufacture a wide range of products, including
instant housing, before he started to build motorcars. After a number of proto-
types he settled on the now famous Messerschmitt “micro car” in 1950.

Willy Messerschmitt

The tandem two seater with three wheels, provided economical transport, without
being exposed to the elements. It was launched at a time when many people had
recovered from the war and they now wanted to be mobile. At this stage “micro
cars” were quite popular and the Messerschmitt was no exception. In fact it was
one of the most popular “micro cars” and sold in many countries around the
world, including South Africa.

The initial KR175 model was available with the perspex cabin or as a cabriolet.
Later an upgraded model, the KR200 was offered with a 200cc engine. Then a
sporty four wheel model, the Tiger 500 was offered with a 500cc engine. Sadly
Production ceased in 1964.

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