Catch a Smile

How many truckloads?


Bucket seat??

Tell them

Africa’s own 4×4

Don’t let a tree grow
under your feet

 Don’t get stuck
with a 4×4

Who needs a truck?

Going on holiday!

Settled scores

Car Transporter

Illegal Aliens

Don’t take my Parking


School Bus

Let us fit your Aircon

Weld your fuel tank

Lunch break on
the railway track??

No idea how to park!

Parking for what??

How would YOU
transport my horse?

How do they find it?

Hope you don’t have a problem with your car!

You should find a
better parking spot!


Petrol Queue

There is always one who
to squeeze in

How did the Power Line
get there?

OK – Back to
Spelling School

This Month’s Special
in Zimbabwe

Get your driver’s
licence here

For Sale – Low Mileage
(15km) 1985 VW

Shopping Cart Special

New Compact

1923 Rugby
Mobile Home

Anybody for
Fish & Chips?

Without Windows?

Last week there was
a bridge here??

Doris – I think we have
lost our way to the airport!

Africa Express!

Who needs a
Delivery Service?

We have been

Follow our

People Transport
in Africa

Double Parking??

NO Parking Problems

Fasten Safety Belts

Illegal Dumping??

Gone Fishing??

Sex, Sex,
Wherever you go!