1959 GSM Dart

1959 GSM Dart Red

(1959 GSM Dart)

GSM – Bob van Niekerk, Willie Meissner, both Engineering students, conceived
and with Vester de Wit designed the body of this car during 1956 in Cape Town, South Africa.
Then they formed the GSM Company and started manufacturing
the first two prototypes during 1957. Production followed soon afterwards.
These open cars, named Dart proved to be almost unbeatable on the race track.

GSM Dart - Bob van Niekerk

They were also built in England under the Delta name and were raced very
successfully on various racing circuits in Europe, USA and Canada!
Four years later the Flamingo, a coupe version was launched.
A good number of these cars have survived in South Africa,
as well as in the UK, USA and Canada!

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